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Why I hosted Cartoon Art Workshops for this year's E17 Art Trail 2019.

When The E17 Art Trail 2019 came to Walthamstow, London between 1-16 July 2019, I hosted thirteen Cartoon Art Workshops for children at my local children's library.

Some adults participated, too.

If you wanted to teach children how to draw, what better place than a public library to host cartoon art workshops? And what better place for me to develop my leadership skills?

Members of the public with their children were delighted that the workshops were free. The E17 Art Trail was a community event, thus, a great opportunity for their children to learn a new skill.

My Cartoon Art Workshops showed children how to draw cartoon characters using a step-by-step template. Of course, for children who couldn't draw cartoon characters, this was a great opportunity to learn.

When the E17 Art Trail 2019 finished on the 16th July, I had amassed as many as almost seven hundred photographs of drawings by children.

Below, are two sample pictures. I hope my efforts will encourage you to have a go at creating your own cartoon art workshops.

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