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Line Marker Pen round-up

Earlier this week, I talked about the five popular choices of line marker pens. But which is regarded as the best line marker pen for artists?

For the beginner or a professional artist on a budget, finding a line marker pen for sketching can be difficult. For example, you may want a cheap and reliable pen for sketching, which is a good idea. I keep all expensive pens at home, and only take a throwaway line marker pen with me.

My choice of cheap and reliable line marker pen is the Mitsubishi Uni Rollerball eye pen. Selling at an average price of £3.00, this pen produces free-flowing lines in sketchbooks. This explains why it is also a popular choice for handwriting.

And because it is regarded primarily as a handwriting pen, it is available at franchise stationery stores and supermarkets. I have even seen it selling at my local chemist.

And did I mention that the ink is waterproof? Ideal for watercolour painting. To give you some context, not even Rotring's ink can match that...and many professional line marker pens are water-resistant.

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