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Five ways to make time for drawing

I know the lockdown has been difficult for us. However, for some artists, it has been a blessing because they have more time to sit and create some artwork.

But what if you are learning how to draw? How do you make the time to draw when it seems like a daunting task? Here are my five tips to help you make some time to bring out the inner artist in you (it's easier than you think):

1. Always carry a little sketchbook with you (a notebook with paper is acceptable). Draw some quick five-minute sketches of your family pet, a view from your window, the television and so on. You will find it helpful using felt pens because you will learn that drawing is about creating, and not being 'perfect'....

2. Switch off your television. Switch off your computer. Switch off your mobile phone. Sit down and draw for five minutes.

3. Why not draw while listening to music? You may find music motivating. I sometimes draw when there is music in the background, or if a television programme goes to adverts.

4. Visit your local park and draw some pictures of flowers, birds or people. You may find you have drawn for more than five minutes and you have created a lot of sketches for a bigger art project.

5. Avoid procrastination. If you are stuck for ideas, why not review your black and white sketches, and colour them in?

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